Creating beautiful images is so much more than simply taking a photograph. It’s about capturing, the energy, the life, the art, the emotion, the moment that inspires. Capturing the beautiful light of photography is what motivates me. Beautiful lighting, a vibrant color palette, composition and refined post production help me create images that capture the experience of the moment. 

I started exploring photography while living in Seattle. I’ve always been attracted to art and artistry. Spending my days thumbing through fashion magazines inspired me. That inspiration led me to pack up my things and move to Milan, Italy. After 1-½ year taking photos and enjoying great food in Italy I moved back to the states and settled in Los Angeles.  Enjoying the California Lifestyle turned my attention to Lifestyle Photography.  

When not creating images you can find me exploring restaurants and eateries. Yes, I’m a Foodie. I’ll even try my hand at cooking. 

I love California and hitting the beach. On most weekends you can also find me at the golf course